Mokume Gane Vessels

Handcrafted vessels from copper, brass, nickle-silver, and precious metals

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Custom Knives

Bespoke, hand-forged Damascus knives and cutlery

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I use my hands to create objects of both function and beauty. Using the earth’s raw materials of metal, wood, and stone, I use fire, strength, and skill to shape objects to my will.  The details mean everything and the material out of which something is made and how it is made is just as important as how it looks when complete.  In order to make work that will stand the test of time, I strive to bring beautiful art into the world.

Too often today, distortion and manipulation are confused in all fields of art.  I seek to enforce my intention into the material with which I work to achieve a desired effect.  Clean lines and soft curves are in everything I create.  In an ongoing attempt to achieve true mastery, I endeavor to control each component possible while working alongside the natural constraints of the material.